Mancake - Skin

Fortnite Mancake Outfit Skin


"Forged on a griddle of rage."

Skin description

Mancake outfit is a part of the The Breakfast Bandit set which was introduced in Chapter 2, Season 5. It appeared in game for the first time Dec 08 2020.

Rating: 3.39 (26 votes)

Style Variations

Fortnite Mancake (Lonesome Hero) Outfit Skin
Fortnite Mancake (Dark Deeds) Outfit Skin
Fortnite Mancake (Cake With No Name) Outfit Skin
Fortnite Sapphire Mancake Outfit Skin
Fortnite Topaz Mancake Outfit Skin
Fortnite Zero Point Mancake Outfit Skin

The Breakfast Bandit Set (4 items)

Mancake Transparent PNG Images

Fortnite Mancake Outfit Transparent Image